Hill: Veto session could be short

In a week, state lawmakers will return to Topeka to finish out the 2014 session.

The main piece of business -- really, just about the only piece of business -- is settling the overall budget.

Emporia Rep. Don Hill joined KVOE's Morning Show on Wednesday to talk about legislative matters. He says the veto session could be a short one.

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Hill says ending balances could be shifted to meet the new education funding bill, and there could be some discussion about changing the judicial budget after the Kansas Supreme Court complained about the amount of funding and some policy changes which take some budget authority away from the high court and give that to district courts.

Speaking of the education funding bill, Hill says it was just about ideal for Emporia State University -- adding salary cap adjustments and money for an honors college after budget cuts last year. It added what he feels are unnecessary policy revisions, but it does add money for public schools.

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Hill recently announced a run for his seventh term in the House. He's currently running unopposed.

Veto session previews continue with Emporia Rep. Peggy Mast at 8:30 am Thursday and Sen. Jeff Longbine at 8:30 am Tuesday.

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