"Toolbox" ideas presented, discussed during Flint Hills Regional Council meeting

A "community toolbox" meeting brought people from across Lyon County together Tuesday at Mary Herbert, in a meeting sponsored by the Flint Hills Regional Council.

The idea is to build on meetings held last year, by inviting people to attend and offer their thoughts on which issues affecting the Flint Hills are most important to them. Tuesday's meeting included a breakout exercise, where small groups pinned down the "tools" that they thought were most important.


Regional Council spokesperson Shelley Carver says these tools run the gamut.

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Carver said the planning team has all kinds of ideas on what issues should be focused on, but it takes public input to determine what should be developed further.

Lifelong educator and Flint Hills resident Jann Briggs says the workshop session was very enlightening.

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Briggs said it's important to look at different viewpoints and work together if the region is to survive.

Emporia State student Ray Voiers attended the meeting as part of professor John Barnett's class. He enjoyed the differing points of view, and recommends students participate.

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Carver says the council is pleased Emporia and Lyon County finalized their memberships over the past several months. A strategic plan has been under development for a couple of years, and that should be finished before the year is out.

For more information, go online to www.flinthillsregion.org.

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