Gov. Brownback praises higher education, briefly says he will sign funding bill during Emporia State visit

Gov. Sam Brownback stopped at Emporia State University Monday, speaking at the Skyline Dining Room about the support higher education has received in the legislature this session.

During his short speech, Gov. Brownback quickly mentioned that he would sign the new education funding bill, following that with the benefits Emporia State will receive with this bill.

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Gov. Brownback did not say anything further about the signing of this measure, and no media questions were allowed.

Emporia State also stands to receive $1 million a year for the enhancement of an Honors College. President Dr. Michael Shonrock:

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Shonrock said he's forever optimistic about the future of ESU, with presentations to the Board of Regents and the final strategic plan coming in the next couple of months.

Associated Student Government President Racheal Countryman says it was a nice compliment to get from the Governor, as her term as president expires soon.

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Sen. Jeff Longbine called the addition of the Honors College a "game-changer." He went on to tell KVOE News that he is confident the Kansas Supreme Court will be helpful when they scrutinize the education funding bill soon.

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Rep. Don Hill echoed the appreciation shown for ESU and higher education in Kansas as a whole.

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With the bill, the university could sell its married housing complex and reap the financial benefits -- a change from past policy, which had the state claiming the sales receipts.

The bill in question also provides $130 million to K-12 education, but has been criticized for extras being added, including the removal of due process for teachers.

Gov. Brownback will also be visiting Pittsburg State, Wichita State University and Kansas State University to talk about higher education support.

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