Roundabout accident numbers drop significantly after changes

Last week's semi tipover accident at the West Highway 50 roundabout was just the third accident there since the intersection was redesigned over a year ago.


There were over 30 accidents, almost all involving semi tipovers, from when the roundabout was finished in 2009 to when redesign work ended in March 2013. Police Lt. Jim Tilton says there has been a common denominator with just about every accident at the roundabout.

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Originally, the roundabout was two lanes. Residents complained about the traffic flow, saying the striping was confusing. KDOT eliminated one lane, replacing the inner lane with a concrete truck apron and widening the remaining traffic lane. It also installed new signage.

The roundabout was built as part of the Turnpike redesign project. Before that construction, there was a so-called "spaghetti bowl" of connections involving the Turnpike, Interstate 35 and Highway 50.

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