Devastating impact of Cryptolocker virus now seen locally

It's been out and about for about six months now, and the Cryptolocker family of computer viruses is now having an impact locally.


Haven't heard of Cryptolocker yet or dealt with it? Consider yourself lucky, according to Total Technology's Pat Fouraker.

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But wait, there's unfortunately more. Fouraker says the virus also has a ransomware component, so it demands upwards of $300 to effectively unlock your files -- with no guarantee the payment will actually work.

Fouraker says the virus is often attached to zip files on different emails coming from what appear to be legitimate sources.

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Currently, Fouraker says the effects of Cryptolocker family of viruses are virtually impossible to reverse. The latest virus protection programs may not be totally effective, so Fouraker urges people to watch their emails and avoid anything remotely suspicious.

Fouraker now says he's received several local calls within the past week where emails look like they are coming from somebody's own domain, so they look OK but instead wipe out everything on the computer.

Fouraker will have more during KVOE's 7:05 am newscast Thursday.

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