Revenue report cause for smiles among lawmakers

Local lawmakers are pleased with the latest Department of Revenue report saying March tax receipts beat expectations.

The Kansas Department of Revenue says March receipts beat projections by over $12 million. It also says this is the second straight month the monthly receipts have beat both estimates and monthly collections from last year, topping the March 2013 collections by nearly $16 million. Emporia Rep. Peggy Mast says the economy appears to be doing well.

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Emporia Rep. Don Hill agrees.

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Both Hill and Emporia Sen. Jeff Longbine say there are some concerns about longer-term finances.

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Mast agrees, mentioning concerns about firming up an extra $130 million for education funding as mandated by the Kansas Supreme Court earlier this session.

For the fiscal year which began in July, tax revenue receipts are almost $131 million ahead of estimates.

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