A cub named Flint: Public donates over $3,000 in naming contest

He's nameless no more.

The five-month-old cougar cub at the David Traylor Zoo will now be known as Flint after a month-long donation process.

The name Flint raised nearly $1,300 by itself as people went to the zoo's mountain lion exhibit, the Zoo Education Center, ESB Financial and other special stops like the Spring Expo to vote.

Flint's name was divulged on KVOE's Morning Show Tuesday. Zoo director Lisa Keith says Blue was in the lead for most of the contest, and together the names Flint and Blue raised around $2,500 -- or over 80 percent of the $3,100 generated through the process.

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Other finalist names were Oliver, Wally and Warrior.

Flint will be allowed to roam his new surroundings Tuesday, but the public is encouraged to be quiet and not appear in large groups to help him get adjusted.

Flint came to the David Traylor Zoo in January after his mother was illegally killed in Washington state and shortly before Sampson, his predecessor, had to be euthanized for congestive heart failure and osteoarthritis after he had lived at the zoo for 16 years.

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