Lyon County in top, middle of pack on latest health stats

When it comes to health outcomes and health factors, there is a rather wide disparity across the KVOE listening area.


The latest county health study was released early Wednesday by the Kansas Health Institute. For health factors like education, employment, income and social support mechanisms, Wabaunsee County ranks relatively high in that category, finishing 21st overall and first across the area. Coffey County is 35th. Chase County is 46th, followed by Lyon County at 51st, Morris County at 55th, Osage County at 65th and Greenwood County at 78th.

For health outcomes, Wabaunsee County is fourth overall for items like length and quality of life, health behaviors and quality of care, while Morris County is 21st. Lyon County is 28th. Coffey County is 39th, followed by Chase County at 55th, Osage County at 80th and Greenwood County 87th.

Health Institute senior fellow Dr. Gianfranco Pezzino encourages discussions, especially on items perceived as needing improvement. After that, he says planning is needed.

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Johnson County topped both lists. Woodson County was lowest for health outcomes, while Wyandotte County was lowest for health factors.