Phone lines a-buzz during Hornet Telethon

Future Emporia State Hornets received phone calls from various community members Monday night.


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The third-annual Hornet Telethon brought 20 community members to the Memorial Union Preston Family Room to call prospective students and welcome them to campus. Director of Admissions Laura Eddy said they continue to receive positive feedback from the Telethon, and will keep doing it.

The students on the other end of the line were scheduled for various Hornet Connections meetings this spring and summer. Hornet Connections is a chance for incoming students to meet with faculty and admissions advisors, set up a class schedule, and get to know the campus.

Community members in question ranged from city and county commissioners, to business owners and school board members. Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Jeanine McKenna was one of the callers. She said the students she called appreciated it.

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In addition to the panel of callers, some 50 students from various Greek organizations addressed postcards to be sent out later. The first Hornet Connections meet is March 25.


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