Deadline to name new cougar cub approaching

The deadline to name the new mountain lion cub at the David Traylor Zoo is fast approaching. Zoo Director Lisa Keith says the name "Flint" is just barely leading the pack, with "Blue" close behind.


Keith also had a fundraising update Monday:

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Lead zookeeper Jeff Burkdoll explained the process zookeepers and the cougar cub went through when the 24-week old cub first arrived.

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Burkdoll said it's been a learning process for all involved, as the young cub has been adapting to life in captivity.

The naming contest ends at 5pm March 31. The name which has gathered the most money will become the cub's name April 1. Donations can be made at the Zoo Education Center, or the mountain lion exhibit.

Keith said she hopes to open the door to the exhibit on April 1, but patience is required as the cub gets comfortable with his new surroundings.


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