Permanent intake facility wanted for Animal Shelter

It may be several weeks yet before stray dogs or those needing shelter can go to the Emporia Animal Shelter for intake purposes.

Local veterinarian Dr. Floyd Dorsey says the state wants the temporary intake facility at the Lyon County Fairgrounds to remain in place until all signs of distemper are gone, and that could be up to six weeks.

On KVOE's 8:05 am newscast Tuesday, Dorsey said a permanent intake facility is now the goal.

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Dorsey says the distemper outbreak at the shelter has been frustrating because it took a long time to diagnose, the symptoms varied for the affected animals and because of the realization this probably started with dogs which either weren't vaccinated at all or weren't inocluated long enough for the vaccine to take effect.

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The outbreak began showing itself in February and March. Dorsey says the shelter staff "worked extremely hard," bleaching the facility continuously, but there were several instances where all the dogs would be healthy for about a week before several got sick. Over 60 dogs have either died or had to be euthanized as a result.

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