EFD handles several small grass fires Sunday

Local firefighters dealt with a number of small grass fires Sunday.

First, Emporia firefighters were called to 1781 Road 175 shortly before 3pm for a reported grass fire. Upon arrival, firefighters were told a controlled burn on Steve Sanford's property became out of control. The fire spread from the road ditch through Sanford's yard to the Interstate 35 right-of-way before it was extinguished.

Shortly after 4pm, firefighters were called to 2259 North Highway 99 for a grass fire. When fire crews arrived, they found a brush fire that spread to nearby grass and got away. That fire was also quickly extinguished. Mary Zinn owns the property.

Around the same time as the Highway 99 fire call, fire crews were toned out to 1414 Road 220 for a controlled burn that became out of control. Approximately 2-3 acres of grass was burned before fire crews extinguished the blaze. Josh Hubler owns the property.

And last but not least, firefighters were called to 1368 Road 200 around 6pm, for another controlled burn that became out of control. This fire was also quickly extinguished, and only burned about 3 acres. Charles Crawford owns the property.

Emporia Battalion Chief Rex Fisher said people need to keep in mind that, with the very dry conditions plaguing the Flint Hills, it doesn't take much to spark a fire. Fisher also reminds folks to have the proper equipment and enough people to help manage a controlled burn on their property.

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