Mr. Sisters Sweets owners look back on TV show appearance

Now that the show is over, the owners of Mr. Sisters Sweets can say a little more about their experience on "Cupcake Wars."

Melissa Herring and Rhiannon Torres had to go to Los Angeles for the actual show after some background filming in Emporia. Both say there is a lot more scripting to so-called reality shows than meets the eye.

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Torres and Herring made green tea cupcakes for the first round and had some difficulties with the oven, so the finished product wasn't to the judges' liking.

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The team had to wait on the first-round results to start on what it had planned for the next few rounds, only to find out it was the first team eliminated.

Both Herring and Torres say the community support leading up to Saturday's watch party at White Auditorium was amazing. They also say they have seen a sharp spike in regional interest for their wares.

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