Future of Osage City Airport in question during Tuesday city council meeting

The Osage City Council is meeting Tuesday to decide on the future of their municipal airport.


Local businesses are crossing their fingers in hopes that the council votes "yes" on a multi-million dollar expansion project. The FAA would fund 90 percent of this latest expansion project, at $4.1 million. The city would only have to pay $200,000.  As of 2009, the FAA has put in nearly $600,000 of grant money to update the airport. The city has put in nearly $41,000.

If the council votes "no" on the expansion project, the city could have to pay back pre-project costs to the FAA, which could be more than 90 thousand dollars. A "no" vote could also mean the end of two businesses who call the airport home.

The meeting is slated for 7pm.


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