Bold copper theft in Greenwood County

Authorities in Greenwood County are still searching for three possible suspects in a daring mid-afternoon robbery, which left many residents of Piedmont without power.

On Friday, Westar Energy received a report that the city of Piedmont had no power. Westar responded, and reported the scene of two downed power poles to Greenwood County Sheriff's deputies.

The deputies found two power poles which had been chopped down with an axe, and the copper electrical wiring was stripped from one of the poles. The wiring was live, and supplied power to Piedmont residents. Deputies also found bolt cutters wrapped in electrical tape at the scene. According to Detective Josh Nelson, total losses are estimated at $10,000.

{wbty_audio audio_id="66"}The suspects are described as two white males, and a third unknown person driving a silver late-model Pontiac Bonneville. A farmer was plowing a neighboring field, when he saw the Pontiac park on a dead-end road and pick up the two suspects. This incident is still under investigation.

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