Clean Sweep organizers grateful for community support

Nearly 260 tons of unwanted materials are confirmed as properly disposed after Clean Sweep III ended Sunday.

Solid Waste Supervisor Keith Senn says there were a handful of curbside pickups yet to complete. The tonnage from those pickups will be combined with final iron and tire tallies to complete.

Senn tells KVOE News it was a smooth three-day run, thanks to the partnership between the city and Lyon County.

Coordinator Patty Gilligan anticipated a big final day with bright sunshine Sunday and rain Saturday, so she was also grateful for the partnership with Lyon County to have the Fairgrounds as a disposal site.

"It's been an ideal location," she said. "I can't tell them how appreciative I am to work together on that."

Gilligan was also grateful for the numbers of volunteers, especially from local service groups and Emporia State University, which supplied volunteers from several athletic teams and on-campus organizations.

The Lyon-Chase County Transfer Station figured to have a good total with residents taking advantage of free dump days through the three-day event. The Lyon County Hazardous Waste Department will be busy the next two weeks as well. Director Russ Torrens says his staffers have handled everything from paint to oil to antifreeze to televisions...to pig's fetuses.

"We got a barrel in a couple years ago. It was a five-gallon bucket. At first, we thought it was full of paint, but when we opened it up it was full of pickled pig's fetuses in formaldehyde," he said. "It took us a while to figure out what to do with it but we got it taken care of," he added.

The first Clean Sweep in 2009 totaled 555 tons of items not including free dump opportunities at the Lyon-Chase County Transfer Station. Two years ago, there were over 300 tons of waste.

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