Wind chill advisories over, travel problems aren't

This weekend's snow and sleet totals may not have reached the maximums forecast before a major winter storm began affecting the area, but winter still had an impact on the area.

Here in Emporia, we received four inches of a snow-sleet mix.

Other totals from the area:

Americus: 1.4 inches of snow
Allen-Admire area: 3 inches of snow, 0.75 inch sleet
BETO Junction: 2 inches of snow
Burlington: 0.50 inch of sleet
Carbondale area: 3 inches of snow
Dunlap: 3 inches of snow, 0.50 inch of sleet
Gridley: 1 inch of snow
Overbrook: 1 inch of snow
Scranton: 2 inches of snow
White City: 0.50 inch snow

The snow-sleet combination made travel hazardous, and there were several slideoff accidents reported across the area Saturday night through Sunday morning. No injuries have been reported.

Lyon County crews worked from Saturday night through late Sunday night, with city crews working Sunday. Streets are still very slick in spots, especially at intersections in town.

Wind chill advisories ended at 9 am areawide, but air temperatures will still be cold Monday with a high of 19 and a low of 7.

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