International Food Day packs Visser Hall Skillett Atrium

Emporia State's Visser Hall Skillett Atrium was packed as the university held its annual International Food Day.


Over 20 booths were set up with food from practically all over the world. Emporian Natalie Juarez, a senior, was representing HALO -- the Hispanic American Leadership Organization. Her group brought flan, enchiladas, horchata and tres leches cake.

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At the Modern United Nations table, Kaisa-Triin Karu from Estonia was offering "colorful dog cake" and blueberry custard juice. She says her first year in Emporia has gone better than she expected.

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Countries including Tunisia, France, Uzbekistan, China, Syria and Russia were represented.

Students and area residents could sample over 100 different menu items for small donations. Music was also provided by the Japanese Sakura Choir, with a fan dance from the Korean Student Association.

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