'Fabulous Finds on 99' attracts people to Emporia from north and south

Fabulous Finds on 99 brought people from the Nebraska state line to the Oklahoma state line to the KVOE listening area Friday and Saturday.

In Emporia, one hub of activities was Poehler Mercantile, which held a special flea market both days -- but owner Shirley Slaymaker says a lot of businesses and private citizens were ready this year.

"There are places having flea markets and garage sales. There are some pastures along the highways where people set up big sales," she said.

The two-day event was a definite boon for Poehler Mercantile and other downtown Emporia businesses like Studio 11.

"It brings people from all over the state," said co-owner Michelle Boyce. "We've had some great connections made with people around the Wichita area and west of there. Maybe people are up north and haven't been to Emporia for years or they have family here and they needed an extra little excuse to get into town."

Other businesses, like Town Crier Bookstore, hoped to capitalize on the increased traffic.

"The more we can get them in our stores and shop Emporia, the better it is for everybody," said owner Becky Smith.

Over a dozen businesses offered special savings in downtown Emporia, with town-wide garage sales and several family yard sales held elsewhere along the highway. This was the first time Emporia had a coordinated sales effort by downtown businesses for the Highway 99 sale.

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