Cougar cub entry window closing Wednesday

Step No. 1 in naming the David Traylor Zoo's newest inhabitant is almost over.

5 pm Wednesday is the deadline for submitting names for the new cougar cub who has been acclimating to his new surroundings the past few weeks. Zoo director Lisa Keith says around 400 submissions have come in.


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Click here to submit your entry.

The 19-week-old cub was rescued in Washington state after his mother was illegally killed. The cub was brought to Emporia shortly before Sampson, the zoo's longtime mascot, had to be euthanized because of congestive heart failure and osteoarthritis.

On Monday, the zoo will announce the five finalist names. People can then donate money through March 31 for their favorite, and the name generating the most donations will be what the cub is called. That announcement will come April 1, right around the time the cub will be formally introduced to the public.

Keith will join KVOE's 8:05 am newscast Monday with the five names picked as finalists.

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