Monsanto donates $2,500 to Admire Food Pantry

Thanks to an application from a Lyon County farmer, Monsanto is donating $2,500 to the Admire Food Pantry as part of its America's Farmers Grow Communities effort.


Farmer Darrell Johnson says the need for food is real, even in rural parts of the Flint Hills.

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Monsanto spokesman Brian Garrett agreed. He says this is money well donated.

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Food pantry organizer Mark Stukey says the office hours at the Admire Community Building are typically 9 am to 11 am the first three Saturdays of every month. However, that's a guideline more than anything else.

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Stukey says the $2,500 will help the pantry buy food from the Kansas Food Bank network out of Wichita, For more information, call 620-583-3464.

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