New Health Center - Health Department facility in Greenwood County approved, transitioning March 1

The Flint Hills Community Health Center will soon have a satellite facility in Eureka.


Starting March 1, the Greenwood County Family Practice Clinic will become the Flint Hills Community Health Center. Greenwood County commissioners signed the final agreements between the county, Greenwood County Hospital, and the health center, to sell the medical clinic and building to the health center.

In a statement, CEO Phillip Davis said the same patients who have always gone to the Greenwood County Family Practice Clinic will still be able to go there, and see the same providers for the same service. He said the goal is a fairly seamless transition.

Part of the transition includes upgrading the electronic health records, and implementing a new sliding-fee scale as used by the Health Center - Health Department in Emporia.

A series of town hall meetings are scheduled for residents with any questions. The first is Feb. 20 at 7pm, in the Third Street Theater in Eureka. The second is Feb. 24 at 2pm, at the same location.

The health center will be closed March 3-5 to allow for staff training on new equipment and software.

This satellite facility was made possible by a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for $877,500, to expand their access to folks in surrounding counties.

For more information, visit their website at www.flinthillshealth.org.


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