Teachers offer insight, advice for future teachers at ESU presentation

Teachers taught teachers some things about teaching Thursday at the Teacher's College.

Eight teachers visited Emporia State University to share their expertise with students in The Teachers College, as part of the 2014 Kansas Teacher of the Year program. They presented "The Power of You: Becoming the Decisive Element." The goal of the presentation is to inspire and encourage up-and-coming teachers.


Overland Park middle school teacher Jennifer Smith saw a familiar face in class -- a former student who was now studying to be a teacher. Smith says that's an amazing thing.

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Freshman elementary education major Katie Kelly is the former student in question. She says she's more excited than nervous to get started, and she learned a lot from the presentation.

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Leavenworth High School language arts teacher and 2014 Kansas Teacher of the Year, Jeff Baxter, says it's neat to be with people who are about to embark into his chosen profession.

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Baxter says he had great teachers in high school, but it was his college English professor -- the first male English teacher he'd ever had -- that persuaded him to pursue the career. He says the class he spoke to was prepared and engaged in the lecture.

Junior elementary education major Joseph Sommer says he had some good teachers in the past, and he took away some valuable things from the lecture.

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All eight of the teachers who presented were named 2014 Kansas Regional Teachers of the year. They also toured the National Teachers Hall of Fame facilities, and had a reception with faculty and students, sponsored by Phi Delta Kappa.


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