ESU seeking public input in strategic planning process

Emporia State University held a public forum in the Courthouse Commission Room Wednesday, to get input on their latest strategic plan ideas.

Emporia State is coming to the end of their current plan, and Provost Dr. David Cordle says the whole purpose of the forum was to get reactions from community members who don't work at the university, and see if their ideas resonate. He says they've come up with something new.

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Cordle says the current trend is to keep the mission statement and vision concise, yet thoughtful. Some examples of their updates were given out to those in attendance.

President Dr. Michael Shonrock and strategic planning chair DeWayne Backhus called for people to write down notes and share what they thought of the changes. Cordle says that feedback is very important, as it gives those who created it some insight into how others outside of the school perceive it.

County commissioner Scott Briggs says it was a good meeting.

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Briggs says he's not big on mission statements, but he was encouraged by the new one ESU had developed.

In attendance were not only Briggs, but other community members and elected officials, including Rep. Don Hill. Hill says he enjoyed the meeting as well.

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The mission, vision and values statement should be ready for approval before this semester is over, and for implementation by this upcoming fall.


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