CVAB hears second website presentation

Two weeks ago, the Convention and Advisory Board chose a Manhattan company to design a new website for the Convention and Visitors Bureau. With some concerns about the dollar amounts involved, the advisory board decided to re-hear the presentations this week.


That process is now complete after Emporia's IM Design re-presented its offer Wednesday morning. Partner Tracy Holroyd tells KVOE News that IM Design wants to build on nearly a dozen years of work together with the CVB.

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The base bids for Manhattan-based Civic Plus and IM Design were close to identical -- Civic Plus at $25,100, IM Design at $26,500. Civic Plus and IM Design also had almost identical price tags for their recommended annual service costs at around $4,300, but Holroyd said IM Design also offered a series of so-called "a la carte" options which increased the cost another $13,000.

Convention and Visitors Bureau marketing assistant Christian Keisler, however, said the services like hosting, maintenance, search engine ranking, blog writing and social media management were also available through Civic Plus at the $4,300 price.

Interim CVB Director Susan Rathke said the board's pick of Civic Plus was difficult because of the ongoing relationship, but she said the Civic Plus offer came with an established reputation of working with similar organizations across the country. She also said the board appeared comfortable with the so-called "back end" -- the update process -- available with Civic Plus.

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