Bonner lecturer: Race Card Project sees worldwide response

Award-winning journalist Michele Norris was the featured speaker at last nights Bonner and Bonner Diversity Lecture, presenting her work on the "The Race Card Project".

The project asks people to fill out a blank card with six words on their thoughts about race.

Norris says the project has received a global response.

“There are so many small stories, you know, and they hinge on little tiny moments and small things and when we talk about race we’re often talking about really big monumental issues. It's (The Race Card Project) helped me understand that to really understand race in America that you have to looked to those smaller and much more intimate moments and challenges and quandaries and experiences, because that is what helps people form their attitudes and beliefs.”

The first election of President Barack Obama triggered The Race Card Project and Norris says she has received over 30,000 responses since then.

For more information or to submit your own card, visit www.theracecardproject.com.

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