Monster Bucks presenter discusses filming of his hunts

The annual Monster Bucks Classic is bringing hunting enthusiasts and well-known names in the hunting field to Topeka this weekend.


"What's In Outdoors" host Phil Taunton had a booth at the event in the Kansas ExpoCentre, and spoke with a number of outdoor professionals. One of the bigger names to appear is Mike Hunsucker of the Outdoor Channel. Hunsucker has been hunting deer since age 10 and switched relatively early on from rifle hunting to bowhunting. He also began filming hunts -- which he says is a much bigger production now than it used to be.

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Hunsucker says he gets fired up to go back in the field when he attends events like the Monster Buck Classic. At the same time, he hesitates to call himself a celebrity. He says he's just like the people who watch his show, "Heartland Bowhunter," in that he likes to hunt, fish and enjoy the outdoors.

"Heartland Bowhunter" airs Mondays at 8 pm on the Outdoor Channel.

Taunton also spoke with Rob Jacobs, president and author of Little Sportsman, a series of children's books highlighting the benefits and traditions of hunting.

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Jacobs says he started writing the books when he looked around and could only find children's books that were anti-hunting. He decided to fill that gap with these stories, which he plans to pass down to his children. A series with a female main character is coming this year as well.

The books are available online at www.littlesportsman.com.

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