The acoustics of acoustic guitar: Andy McKee, live in Emporia

The sounds of acoustic strumming filled Albert Taylor Hall Friday night.

Andy McKee, world-renowned acoustic guitarist and Topeka native, performed for a packed Albert Taylor Hall, as part of the Emporia Arts Center's seasonal events.


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McKee gained fame via Youtube, when he started posting videos of his guitar-playing. He's racked up over 150 million hits on his videos. Friday's performance will appear on video as well -- the concert was filmed by Through A Glass Productions of Lawrence, and will eventually become a concert DVD available for sale.

McKee has performed with the likes of Prince, and been the opening act for progressive rock band Dream Theater. After going to a music convention in a few days, and taking some time off, he says he'll be back on the road.

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McKee says his type of music is very popular in India, New Zealand and Australia, but Kansas will still be home -- even if he's relatively anonymous.

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