ESU's Bonner and Bonner lecture tackles race issue

Race relations have been a touchy topic for decades, but that isn't stopping the featured guest at Wednesday's Bonner and Bonner Diversity Lecture from confronting the issue head-on.

Award-winning journalist Michele Norris is speaking at Emporia State's Albert Taylor Hall at 7 pm. Her main focus is something she started recently called "The Race Card Project," where people fill out blank cards with a six-word sentence on their thoughts about race.

Norris says she has covered race relations for National Public Radio for years, mainly because of anniversaries or special events. The first election of President Barack Obama triggered the Race Card Project -- and a book, "The Grace of Silence" -- because America was openly pondering race relations at a time when the country was becoming more diverse.

Race Card Project cards and copies of "The Grace of Silence" will be available at the lecture, which is free but tickets are required. Call the Memorial Union at 341-6378 for information. More information about the Race Card Project is available online at www.theracecardproject.com.

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