Week of 03-23-18

What's In Outdoors
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  • David Studebaker will be our guest - David's recent fishing trip - Took a co-worker fishing today. He had never caught a blue cat and only had caught a handful of fish over 20 lbs. Today we boated 28 fish with 24 of them being over 20lbs. Biggest was upper 30’s. Safe to say he had a great day. Always fun to share knowledge with new fisherpeople.


  • Battle on the Booming Grounds: Last Stand of the Greater Prairie Chicken.  The PBS documentary “Battle on the Booming Grounds: Last Stand of the Greater Prairie Chicken” will air on Topeka PBS station KTWU at 8:30 p.m., Friday, March 23, 2018.   

You can see a short trailer of the film at this link: Battle on the Booming Ground Trailer 4.2

A lot of the prairie chicken booming ground footage was filmed in Lyon County, north of Americus. Most of the tallgrass prairie scenes in the movie were filmed in the Flint Hills.

I understand that nearly 70% of the PBS stations in America are showing the movie. If you are not in the KTWU viewing area you will need to call your local PBS station and ask when it will air. The first airings started March 5.


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