Drug cases pushing Lyon County crime stats higher

Lyon County's crime stats are as high as they have been in several years, and County Attorney Marc Goodman can see one reason why.


On KVOE's Talk of Emporia on Monday, Goodman said drug-related crimes, especially those involving methamphetamine, are spiking. He says several related crimes may be headed up as well.

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Goodman says violent crime numbers have been relatively low, but child sex crimes are continually a concern. He says a U.S. Supreme Court ruling a decade ago saying alleged victims have to take the stand has made it extremely difficult to prosecute those cases.

Goodman says there were nearly 600 cases filed by his attorneys last year, with almost 400 felonies. The number of felonies ties 2007 for the second-highest total since Goodman's office started tracking stats in 2003, and the number of overall cases is the highest since 2009.

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