One hunt wraps up, another gets underway this weekend

This weekend, one hunt wraps up and another begins.


The Clint Bowyer Youth Deer Management Hunt will come to a close, after rough weather delayed the hunt, sending hunter and hunted to shelter.

Event organizer Dave Hollond says his guides and youth hunters are ready to go, having scouted areas where deer are present. Better weather forecasted this weekend will also help.

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The Bowyer Youth Hunt will end this Sunday. After the hunt, the harvested deer will be processed at Olpe Chicken House, turned into sausage, and distributed to residents at the Holiday Resorts. Currently the total stands at 8 deer harvested.

Meanwhile, the Hunter 4 Hunger starts Friday at 6pm at the Fairgrounds Anderson Building. The hunters meeting and registration will take place then. Organizer for that hunt, Jamey Pettigrew, says the hunt will basically start Saturday morning, with check-ins throughout.

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The banquet for Hunt 4 Hunger will be on the 25th. This year, the hunt is separated into two categories -- waterfowl, and deer & furs -- to encourage more hunters that strictly hunt waterfowl. Cash prizes for 1st through 3rd place will be awarded in each division.

All of the game harvested this weekend will be donated to the Salvation Army.

The entry fee for the hunt is $50 and 10 canned goods per two-person team. The cost for the banquet is $25 for non-hunt participants.


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