Rossfeld looks back at NRH tenure, ahead to hospital future

John Rossfeld's tenure as Newman Regional Health's interim CEO comes to an end Jan. 21.

Rossfeld joined KVOE's Morning Show on Friday morning to look back at his time in Emporia and what may lie ahead for the hospital. 


Rossfeld says the addition and popularity of new programs bodes well for the future.

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Newman Regional also continues its push for a significant new revenue stream.

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The cost-based reimbursement system would provide millions of dollars each year to the hospital, which lost over $2 million last year.

Rossfeld came to Emporia in the summer of 2012 after Bob Driewer resigned. He anticipates more physician recruitment and program additions will come over time, and he credited staff for their work.

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Rossfeld says it will be tough to leave Emporia, but most of his family is in the Denver area so he will return there and await his next interim post.

Bob Wright, the interim CEO of Regional General Hospital in Williston, Fla., was chosen as the hospital's new permanent CEO shortly before Christmas. He plans to start later this month.

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