KCP&L announces partnership, wind energy development for Waverly

If everything comes together, Waverly will benefit from a major wind energy investment involving two private companies and a major conservation non-profit agency.

On Wednesday, Kansas City Power and Light announced a renewable energy facility to be built and operated by EDP Renewables. EDP operates 27 wind developments in 10 states, including two in Cloud County.


The Waverly plant will produce 200 megawatts of electricity and should be online by January 2016. EDP spokesman Adam Renz says the final development details aren't worked out yet.

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Roughly 21,000 acres of land are part of the development.

The project is a partnership between EDP, KCP&L and the Sierra Club. It follows criticism from the Sierra Club that KCP&L wasn't following terms of a 2007 agreement involving the two groups and Concerned Citizens of Platte County regarding a coal-fired power plant near Kansas City. KCP&L Director of Communications Katie McDonald says the development has been years in the making. So have the partnerships with the Sierra Club and EDP.

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Emily Rosenwasser, the Sierra Club's press secretary for the club's Beyond Coal campaign, is pleased with the announcement.

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KCP&L hopes to purchase 400 megawatts of power from the Waverly location and one in Holt County, Mo., once both projects announced Wednesday are done. KCP&L currently produces over 900 megawatts of wind energy.

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