Crime stats nearly steady

By Chuck Samples/KVOE News

Through the first eight months of the year, crime numbers as filed through the Lyon County Attorney's Office are tracking along with prior years.

Close to 400 cases have been filed for prosecution through the end of August, just under 401 cases prosecuted through August last year. Almost 350 were filed two years ago, with anywhere from 406 to 413 filed through August for 2008 to 2010.

Talk of Emporia guest and Lyon County Attorney Marc Goodman is noticing an uptick in drug cases, especially those related to methamphetamine. He says it's easier for crooks to make meth and it's just as addictive as it has ever been.

"It's much harder to know it's being done. They can be mobile and do it," Goodman said. "I know the Sheriff's Office has noticed some cooking paraphernalia out on county roads where they just dumped it out of their car, brewed it and moved on.

"I've seen addictions and I've seen drugs ruin people's lives. Methamphetamine is about the worst I've seen."

Goodman says the number of financial crimes isn't where it had been six or seven years ago in the wake of the Tyson layoffs, and the number of adult-child sex crimes is also down although he believes predators may be more careful now than they were several years ago.

During the program, Goodman also said he anticipates state lawmakers will discuss whether to keep the death penalty when they hold their regular session next year. Goodman says he plans to put his personal feelings aside on the issue and recommend what Lyon County residents want should that talking point develop as expected.

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