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Charities requesting donations with bitter cold coming

Extremely cold air is likely this weekend across much of Kansas, including the KVOE listening area.

Air temperatures could be -5 or lower by the time many people wake up Monday morning, and wind chills could be -15 or lower.

The prospects of subzero air temperatures -- and wind chills well below that -- have local charities asking for supplies to help their clients. Rescue Mission Director Lee Alderman says winter coats are top priority for his clients.


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Salvation Army Lt. Lynn Lopez tells KVOE News the Salvation Army is also accepting winter clothing, but has some left over to give out.


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Lopez says the food pantry will be busy as well, and reminds folks that they can donate non-perishable food items -- or come and pick them up -- at the food pantry.

Auto shops offer vehicle safety reminders

Local auto shops are also reminding you of the things you can do to avoid major problems this weekend into early next week. John Wheeler of Floyd's says antifreeze is an obvious thing to check.


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Tire pressure can be an issue, as Wesley Wells of Williams Automotive reminds us to keep those in check as well.


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John Ingold of Express Tire and Auto says batteries can suffer greatly in the extreme cold.


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KVOE News reporter AJ Dome contributed to this report.

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