Road conditions to remain slick in spots through early Friday

Road conditions remain slick in a lot of spots across Emporia, Lyon County and surrounding counties after light snowfall Wednesday evening.

City Street Supervisor Mike Dvorak says his crews are monitoring and spot-treating trouble spots like four-way stops and overpasses.


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Lyon County Engineer Chip Woods' crews have taken the same approach.

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We had less than an inch of snow at the KVOE studios from late Wednesday. Other area towns received more, but not by much. Lyndon received 1.3 inches, while Americus received 1.6 inches of snow.

Driving conditions will improve Friday as high temperatures climb above freezing. We'll keep you updated on KVOE and KVOE.com. Get instant alerts on Twitter and Facebook.

7:45 am: Light snow, cold roads leading to slick travels

Cold conditions are in place after light snow fell across Lyon and surrounding counties on New Year's Day.

Close to an inch of snow fell at the KVOE studios. Americus reported 1.6 inches, while Lyndon reported north Osage County received 0.80 inches of snow.

Wind chills were near zero for much of Wednesday as temperatures plummeted and winds gusted as high as 30 mph before sunset. Wind speeds dropped back to 5-10 mph overnight, but wind chills were still below zero as air temperatures dipped into the mid-single digits.

City and county crews spent much of Wednesday evening treating streets and will be out again Thursday morning, but residential streets, intersections, bridges and overpasses will still be icy for much of Thursday as temperatures struggle to reach 20 degrees. There will be a warmup into the mid- and upper 30s for Friday and Saturday.

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