Opinion differs on state's latest revenue report

The Kansas Department of Revenue's report on monthly and year-to-date tax totals has promise to it. How much depends on which local lawmaker you ask. 

Year-to-date estimates are ahead of revised projections by $4.3 million. December revenues were $3.3 million more than expected.


Emporia Sen. Jeff Longbine says it's good news on the surface, but the report only tells a small part of the story.

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Rep. Don Hill was glad to see the numbers so far, and he is glad there is currently a positive ending balance. Like Longbine, however, he is worried about the year-to-year revenue trends -- especially with the Kansas Supreme Court decision on K-12 education funding still looming.

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The Supreme Court could mandate another $440 million or more going to public education, putting added strain on the upcoming budget.

Rep. Peggy Mast sees things differently. She believes work to trim expenses should help offset the lower year-to-year revenue totals.

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The revenue report does not include the holiday shopping period. Those figures will be part of the January report.

Lawmakers begin the 2014 session Jan. 13.

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