Health Center-Health Department to close select services on Fridays

The Flint Hills Community Health Center - Lyon County Health Department will be changing their hours of operation, after budget cuts on a county level.


Public Health and Environmental Health services will be closed on Fridays, starting January 1. Employees of those offices will still work on Fridays, but they will be closed to the public. Lyon County residents can still walk in for services like STD testing, pregnancy screenings, etc., throughout the week. Other services like the dental clinic and behavioral health will remain open Monday thru Friday.

This change in hours comes after an over $28,000 budget cut made by the Lyon County commission, after the Health Center - Health Department submitted their annual budget. Lyon County commissioners directed the Health Center - Health Department to decide where the cuts should come from. A ward clerk position was eliminated, along with the aforementioned shortened hours. CEO Phillip Davis said it was a "difficult decision" to make, but the quality of services will not change.

In other news, the Health Center - Health Department is moving forward on their goal of expanding services into Greenwood County. In November, they were awarded a grant over $877,000 to open a satellite location in Eureka. Davis said they are in the process of acquiring the Greenwood County Family Practice Clinic, which will be beneficial on many levels.

For more information, call the Health Center - Health Department at 342-4864.


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