ESU students show support for survivors of sexual assault

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An Emporia State University group sparked conversation on the topic of sexual assault with a protest on campus.


Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity, or URGE, is a group dedicated to promoting equality and a safe environment for all individuals on campus.  With the conversation on sexual assault becoming more prominent on campus in recent weeks, including a recent town hall, URGE and several ESU students filled union square for their Justice for Jane protest Monday afternoon to voice their support for sexual assault survivors.


URGE President Abigail Weiser opened the event by sharing the groups personal mission. 



The event allowed protesters to create signs, write letters to victims and administration and even share their own personal stories.  Justice for Jane follows allegations of an ESU professor kissing a student and the response from administration.  Since the incident came to light many students have voiced their concerns and displeasure with the situation in different ways. 


Weiser says she feels that the outpouring from students is reaching the ears of administrators and events like the protest will only help continue to spark a need for change.



The recent incidents on campus follow a national trend of entertainers and public figures detailing their experiences with sexual assault. 


SOS sexual assault advocate Adelle Clark believes social media has allowed victims a greater platform to share their stories and shed light on a topic which had been historically overlooked.  



Following the protest administrators held a town hall in the memorial union to address changes needed to sexual assault policies on campus.  Stay with KVOE, and KVOE social media for more updates on the situation.

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