Local banks: Cut up credit cards if you shopped at a Target store on Black Friday

Local banking institutions are trying to find customers who may have spent this past Black Friday at a Target store.

ESB Financial Vice President Karen Sommers says customers who shopped at Target should cut up their current cards.


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Kelly Samuels of Emporia State Federal Credit Union says the credit union has been calling members, trying to let them know how to proceed.

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Judy Schade of Lyon County State Bank tells KVOE News the timing of this security breach couldn't be much worse for those impacted.

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Over 40 million customers nationwide have had their security information breached by hackers.

On Friday, Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel said a 10% discount will be extended to all shoppers in U.S. stores this weekend. But whether the discount and free credit card monitoring service will ease the nerves of Target shoppers who have already been victims of credit card fraud is yet to be seen.

ABC News has learned that credit card numbers stolen from the recent data breach at Target are now hitting the black market in the form of fake credit cards.

ABC News contributed to this report.

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