Fitness room renovations, Soden's Grove project discussed

The fitness room and exercise equipment in the Lee Beran Recreation Center were the biggest points of discussion during the Emporia Recreation Commission's meeting Monday.

The biggest point of discussion regarding the fitness room and equipment was where the money to fund the project should come from.

Rec Commission Director Tom McEvoy says 10-year bonds are under consideration, with a roughly $36,000 payout each year. The entire project could cost over $300,000.

Over $131,000 worth of new exercise equipment is proposed for the new fitness room. Some of the current equipment is over 20 years old, and being held together with tape and zip-ties.

ERC members also received an update on the Soden's Grove baseball field renovations, which ended recently. McEvoy says the turf infield, new bullpens, improved drainage and raised outfield greatly enhance playability and reduce the risk of flooding.

The Jones Trust donated over $300,000, or half the project cost -- continuing a tradition of funding major upgrades to the ballfield built in 1927. Over the past decade, the trust has also funded new dugouts and the new seating behind home plate.

KVOE News Director Chuck Samples contributed to this report.

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