On-Air Chat: Longbine expresses concern about federal matters, state budget direction

Lawmakers officially return to work next month when the 2014 legislative session begins.

On KVOE's On-Air Chat on Wednesday, Emporia Sen. Jeff Longbine said there are several federal issues, such as health care reform, Medicaid and sequester cuts which could become major discussion points starting in January.

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The state's agenda is full as well, with tax revenues tracking with expectations but lower than last year's because of income tax cuts.

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Education funding, especially for K-12, could dominate discussions with the Kansas Supreme Court set to rule on a lawsuit challenging lawmakers' decision not to add over $400 million to public education as mandated several years by the court.

The session begins Jan. 13. Gov. Sam Brownback has his State of the State address Jan. 15. 

All three local lawmakers will appear on KVOE's Morning Show next week. Peggy Mast joins the Morning Show on Monday, with Longbine on Tuesday and Don Hill on Wednesday. All appearances will be at 8:30 am on 14 KVOE and KVOE.com.

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