Fatality accident early Sunday caused by icy conditions

Lyon County Sheriff's deputies and Fire/EMS crews responded to a fatality wreck shortly after 8am Sunday morning. The accident was one of five caused by icy roads, all of which happened before 11am that morning.

According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, 54-year old Brian Ingersoll of Southfield, Michigan, was southbound on I-35 when he moved into the passing lane, where he lost control of his Chevrolet pickup and the trailer he was towing, and jacknifed into the ditch near Mile Marker 137 on I-35, almost 4 miles east of Emporia. Early reports indicated a pickup truck towing a large trailer rolled, and the trailer landed on top of the pickup cab, trapping the injured driver inside. Ingersoll died at the scene.

Before that wreck, the first accident in this string was reported shortly before 8am, at Mile Marker 130 northbound on I-35. A single vehicle rolled, and was found upside down according to Fire Department Headquarters. The only occupant crawled out, and was transported to Newman Regional Health. Their name and condition is also unknown.

While on the scene of the fatality accident, emergency crews actually witnessed another rollover wreck about one-eighth of a mile away from them. One pregnant occupant of the vehicle was transported to the hospital; her name and condition is unknown.

The final accident in this string occurred shortly before 11am, on K-99 northbound. A female driver missed a corner in the highway, driving off the road and hitting a culvert. She was also transported to the hospital. Her condition is unknown.

Icy road conditions are to blame, as a winter storm system moved across Kansas early Sunday, leaving a sheen of ice on the roadways. Sheriff Jeff Cope says you should not travel if you absolutely don't have to.

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Cope says, if you do have to travel, make sure you have an emergency kit in your car, including blankets and bottled water. If you slide off the road and get stuck, you can run your vehicle for short periods of time to keep warm, just make sure your exhaust pipe is not obstructed, otherwise the fumes will back up in the car and cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

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