Mandela's human rights impact noted around world

The world is mourning the death of civil rights leader Nelson Mandela on Thursday at age 95.

President Barack Obama says Mandela was a key figure in world history.

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British Prime Minister David Cameron says Mandela was at once example and inspiration.

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Kansas Governor Sam Brownback was among the political figures offering his condolences, saying Mandela was "a great man who stood up for his principles and human rights."

Emporia State University's Senior Director of the Center for Student Involvement, Jason Bosch, says Mandela's principles fit into what the Center teaches.

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Mandela's words have often been quoted, and although Bosch says he doesn't have a favorite quote in particular, he does take inspiration from them all.

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Mandela had been suffering from a lung infection for months before passing away. He gained international attention in the early 1960s when, as a member of the African National Congress in South Africa, he led a general strike and was jailed for 27 years. He later became South Africa's president in 1993, officially ending the apartheid era in that country.

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