LeRoy gains over $3M in USDA funds for sewer project

The Coffey County town of LeRoy is receiving a hefty loan-and-grant package from the USDA to upgrade its sewer system.

Officially, LeRoy is receiving almost $2.4 million in loans and another $740,000 in grants for the project.

City Clerk Linda Doggett says a lot of work is coming to the lift station and the town's sewer lines.

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Doggett says the work is needed around town.

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Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says projects like the one in LeRoy help to keep rural access to a modern infrastructure in place. Over $200 million will go to almost 75 projects in 40 states, serving around 210,000 rural residents in the process according to the USDA.

Vilsack says there is actually a $2.1 billion backlog in similar shovel-ready water and wastewater projects in rural communities, so passage of a Farm Bill would help provide money to reduce that list.

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