Annual Lyon County Extension meeting highlights yearly activity, exchange student presentation

The Lyon County Extension Council held their annual meeting Wednesday night.

In attendance were a group of local elected officials, including Sen. Jeff Longbine and Rep. Don Hill.

Hill says he likes getting out and about in his district.

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During the meeting, certificates were handed out to 7 retiring Extension Council members, and the 2014 Extension Executive Board was elected. PDC meetings were also held.

The biggest highlight of the meeting was a presentation from Brianna Zweimiller, about living in Finland for four weeks. Zweimiller talked about the culture shock she experienced as she lived with a host family in a smaller city in Finland. She says her presentation went well.

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Zweimiller says her host family in Finland was very welcoming, making her feel like, well, part of the family. She was able to take the trip through the Kansas 4-H, and the International Youth 4-H Exchange Program. The program is meant for students aged 14 to 18 to participate in an exchange program abroad, for 4 to 8 weeks.

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Zweimiller is a freshman at K-State. She says the travel bug has bit her, and she'll be taking more trips overseas in the future.

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