Highway 50 corridor study approved at city commission action meeting

City commissioners approved study plans for U.S. Highway 50 during their action meeting Wednesday.

City commissioners agreed to approve a KDOT study of the Highway 50 corridor west of Emporia, to Industrial Park 4 on Road "F." Lyon County commissioners may follow suit Thursday.

The goals of the study are to determine how many entrances off the highway will be allowed in the future, and address other traffic management issues.

Vice Mayor Jon Geitz says the timing was right to make this choice, as the plans for this study have been around for a few years now.

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Geitz says the study should be a fairly quick process, starting next spring or early summer. Most of the money for this study will be provided by KDOT, and a local match from Emporia Enterprises--the company which owns the industrial park--is going to pay that.

In other business, the commission heard a presentation from Shelley Carver, from the Flint Hills Regional Council. Carver offered a presentation about joining the Flint Hills Frontiers project, and signing a memorandum of understanding as being part of the Council. There is no official timeline on if and when the city would join.

Also, a vacant lot at 117 Mechanic was given to Habitat for Humanity, to be built up as housing.

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