7th grade special ed-literacy teacher named as Emporia's Master Teacher

Emporia has a new Master Teacher.

In a surprise reveal Wednesday morning at the Emporia Middle School library, Signe Truelove was named this year's Master Teacher.

Truelove is a 7th grade special ed literacy teacher at the middle school. She says this morning's honor was a total shock.

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Every year the NEA submits nominations for Master Teacher from the district. Lots of submissions come in, but only one teacher is ultimately picked. The candidates have to have taught in the Emporia school district for at least 15 years, be involved in the community and other professional organizations.

Last year's award went to Kristin Oberle, the art teacher at the middle school. She says Signe was the right candidate.

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Next, Truelove will make a notebook highlighting her career, and submit that to Emporia State. A panel will pick out a class of 7 teachers from across the state, and those will be the Kansas Master Teachers. She says she has her work cut out for her.

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Truelove says teaching is a very rewarding profession, and people who want to pursue it shouldn't be discouraged by the amount of work involved.

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