Last-minute preparations underway for 36th annual Christmas Parade

Tomorrow (Tuesday) marks the official start of the Christmas season in Emporia, with the 36th annual Christmas Parade. Chamber of Commerce Public Relations Coordinator Jessica Crumb says they're very excited in the Chamber office.

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Some of those last-minute preparations include making sure the participants and volunteers are ready and in the right place, making sure the map of the parade route is correct, and updating a parade notebook.

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This year there are 80 registrations for the parade. Crumb says that's a little less than last year, as the Chamber typically sees 80 to 100 registrations for the parade.

The theme this year is "A Time for Honoring," in part because of the 150th anniversary of Emporia State University, 75th anniversaries of the United Way of the Flint Hills and Lyon County Historical Society and 50th anniversary of Flint Hills Technical College. University President Michael Shonrock, Tech College President Dean Hollenbeck and United Way Director Jami Reever are parade marshals.

Crumb says there will be another special celebrity appearance.

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KVOE will broadcast the parade live starting at 7pm, from the Lyon County Historical Society building. The dedication and lighting ceremony begins at 6:30p.

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